The Return of Nintoad

Once upon a time in the year 2007 for no apparent reason at all I decided I wanted to be a blogger, so I started Nintentoad.com. However Due to the fact that I live in the exact center of the middle of nowhere, I was at the time still on a 56k Dialup connection.

Turns out keeping a blog about Nintendo and general geekiness on a Dialup connection was a very slow and tedious process. Often times taking 3 to 4 hours just to get up a single post. But due to my abundance of free time I slowly (very slowly) kept at it.

My post over time becoming fewer and farer between finally came to a dead stop in March 2009. The reasons I stopped were many but I am explaining them any way so shut up and read.

The main reason for my quitting besides the dialup was primarily Nintendo. Put simply they went from being the meaning of life to having an extreme suckieness factor in a very short time. And that made it kind of difficult to be enthusiastic about writing a blog mostly all about them. Don’t get me wrong I am still looking forward to games like the next Zelda or Super Mario Galaxy 2, but as a 22 year gamer I am just not among there target audience anymore.

Another reason I quit was because for domain hosting Yahoo is bottomless pit of uncool. It seems like almost every other day my site was down, due to my domain name once again jumping down that pit and taking the rest of my blog with it. Until finally one day it would not even let me sign in to my Yahoo account no warning or anything. They apparently raised their prices and needed some sort of conformation before renewing the domain name, but I did not find this out until it was to late. And to add to it there new asking price for renewal was ridiculous compared to other host. I was never able to get this resolved so Nintentoad.com is gone however it can still be found Here.

Since then a few things have changed. The main thing being that I am no longer on dialup. Much to my dismay I am still way outside of DSLs reach I have however switched to a satellite broadband connection. Although it is still slow when compared to other broadband connections like DSL or cable I can at least watch a game trailer or browse the net without waiting hours for it to load. Unfortunately because of the excessive lag caused by its signal going to outer space and back, online gaming is still devastatingly out of the question.

The other thing that has changed is I have finally removed my +10 UBER Nintendo fanboy goggles of do no wrongyness that were blinding me to there recent (read as day the Wii was born) fall from grace.

Upon the removal of those goggles I built a decent gaming PC and even a few weeks ago purchased a PS3. And so with a broader scope of gaming experience a new domain/Host, a acceptable internet connection, and still a ton of free time, I hope to have a less frustrating blogging experience this time.

My main goals for this blog are to post about gaming, tech, TV and any other geek related topic that I think of. I also spend a lot of time playing older games especially now that I am playing catch-up with the PS3’s game library. And I play a lot of obscure and less known games on the PC so my intent is to review some of these games and compare how well they stand the test of time.

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