Ocarina of Time Master Quest on 3DS

tmqAccording to Nintendo’s assistant PR manager David Young; The 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will include the remixed and expanded content from the Master Quest version of the game.

Even 13 years after it’s release, Ocarina of Time is still a system seller and this is just icing on the cake.



HughesNet Survival Guide

The majority of the population, especially in the US, are lucky (or smart) enough to live in an area well enough populated to make providing a decent DSL or cable connection a worthwhile venture for companies. But sadly for many, including myself, a decent internet connection is just not possible. Really only leaving you with two options: 56k Dial-up or satellite. Both options suck but satellite is the lesser of two evils.

I have been a HughesNet customer for a few years now and I thought I would share a few of the helpful tricks I have picked up over the years to make it a tad more bearable.

1. HughesNet Service Tools (HST)


First things first, as you probably already know HughesNet has a ridiculously small daily limit of how many megabytes you can load from the internet each day; and very unfair rules when you go over that limit.

The best way to combat this is to go here HST and download and install the “Status Meter.”  Personally, I recommend installing it on every PC you own as it reminds you when you are nearing your daily download limit.


2. HughesNet System Control Center (HSCC)

This is the second destination on our tour the HSCC. This for some can be a tricky thing to access depending on your routers configuration. The first thing to do is open up your browser of choice, and type into the address bar (or just click the link). If all is well you should see a page that looks something like this…


If you instead see something else, like your routers configuration page, you will need to change the routers default I.P. address. But as this process is different for every router, if you don’t already know how to do it, you will need to contact the manufacturer.

Once you reach the HSCC, there are many very useful features which I will cover in this guide.

One good thing to checkout, especially if you’re a new customer, is the System Info page. The top two numbers are you signal strength. Anything above 150 on the top number and 30 on the bottom should be adequate, but if over time you see them steadily decreasing, even when the weather is clear, it could mean the dish was not grounded properly.

Signal Strength


3. Understanding Download Limit and Refill time

One of the most useful things in the HSCC is the “Download Allowance Status” link at the very bottom of the page. This shows you exactly how many megabytes you have left for the day and when that allowance will refill.

Download Allowance

The time of night or day that the daily allowance refills can be changed based on three things…

1. If you go over your download limit then whatever time you went over, the clock will from then-on reset exactly 24 hours later. (Example: if you go over your limit at 3.23pm starting the next day your limit will always refill at 3:23pm every day.)

2. If you decide to use a restore token (explained in more detail later) then it will set the refill timer to exactly the time it was when you used the token. (Example: If at 10:00am you use a restore token from then-on the download allowance will refill at exactly 10:00am each day.)

3. Because HughesNet sucks. From time to time, with no explanation that I can find, the refill time will just randomly change just to bug you.

Getting the refill time to one that suits you can make HughesNet a little more bearable. For instance in my case, I like when it refills late morning so that I can watch a few YouTube videos with yesterday’s leftover megabytes without having to limit myself for the rest of the day.


5. Restore Tokens

If you do go over, the download limit things become very sad for you. What happens when over the limit is for the next 24 hours your internet connection will be nearly unusable (even worse than Dial-up). What they claim happens is your speed is restricted to 5-10KBps but the reality is a bit worse. While its true you are limited to that speed, for some reason web pages will often either load incorrectly or not at all, requiring many page refreshes and at those speeds it quickly becomes unbearable.

But there is hope… The restore tokens are a nice/cruel item you will find under HST. The first thing to know is how to sign-in to access them. If you already know you SAN number you can skip this part. Otherwise we need to go to the HSCC.

Click the button at the top of the HSCC labeled “System Info.” There, the very top number next to where it says “ST Name” is your SAN number, but the first three letters HNS are not part of it. You can just copy and paste this number, however, you must make sure that there are no spaces before or after it or the sign-in will not work.

Now once you sign-in you should be greeted/infuriated by a page that looks sort of like this…

Resroe Tokens 2

Here you have two options.

1. Option one is your monthly complementary token. Meaning that once a month if you go over your daily limit you can use your complementary restore token to refill your daily download allowance, while also changing the refill time as explained above. Unfortunately, you can only have one of these, meaning you can not save this month’s free token and have two next month.

2. Unfortunately, option 2 is nowhere near as kind. You can purchase a restore token at the completely absurd prices of $10.50 for one or $25 for three.
(Uninformative Rant: Seriously, do they really think this to be a fair price? Often times going over your limit is just an accident that's not your fault. Before the restore token system was put into place you could just call them and apologize for going over your limit, and they would restore it for free!)


6. Turbo Page

This is without a doubt the most useful tip you will find in this guide. On the HSCC there is a tiny blue wizard on the top right side (shown in picture below); click it.


Now on the left side you should see a list of links including the option “Turbo Page.” Click it, then click “Turbo Page Configuration.”

Turbo Page

This is an option that you will want to change constantly. Depending on what you are doing, enabled or disabled may be better under different circumstances. Some things and pages will only work with it, while others are best without.

Explaining exactly what Turbo Page is, is outside the scope of this guide. But really it’s just something that requires experimentation. But here are a few of its effects (at least in my case).

“Google Image Search” results will sometimes not load unless it is enabled. Gamefly.com game information pages will also not load with out it.

The Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace gives an error message unless it is disabled. While PlayStation Network store seems to regularly change its mind which way is better.

In my case, YouTube videos are much faster with it disabled while other HughesNet customers say the opposite.

I have also noticed that during storms when the satellite signal is weak things work much better with it disabled.

Ultimately, you just have to play with it and see what works best for you.


7. Downloading

I am an internet junky and a gamer. That means I download a ton of stuff. I am in a never-ending fight to clear enough space on my 2.5 Terabytes worth of HDD space for the next night worth of downloading. Which is where Internet Download Manager and the 2:00 am to 7:00 am ET limitation free Download Zone comes in.

HughesNet offers their own Download Manager which I have not tried do to personal preference, though any manager that allows scheduling should do the trick. But I recommend either IDM (Internet Download Manager) or JDownloader. With these during the day you can make a list of all the things you want downloaded, then set it to start downloading automatically during the Download Zone, and more importantly stop when that time is up.

Important: I am on the Pro Plus Plan, and during the Download Zone with it when Turbo Page is enabled my average speed is about 180Kbps but it fluctuates wildly. And I only get about 2.0gb to 2.5gb a night with the amount downloaded each hour varying greatly. With Turbo Page disabled my speeds hold between 190kbps to 220kbps, and each Download Zone, I get almost exactly 700mb an hour or 3.5gb a night.

The best way to monitor how much your downloading each night is the download usage page. To get here go to this link “Customer Care Tools” and click “Check Usage” then select your modem from the list. Then type in your SAN number (explained under “5.Restore Tokens”). And you should see a page like below showing how much you have downloaded each hour, with the Download Zone highlighted in blue.


Just to make sure your computer does not continue to download anything after the Download Zone, it is a good idea to set either Windows Task Scheduler or your Download Manager to Shutdown your PC after the Download Zone. Or if you’re like me and want your PC to start-up more quickly the next morning, you can create a batch file for windows Task Scheduler.

To do this just open up Notepad and paste this (without  quotes):

“Rundll32.exe Powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Sleep”

Save it anywhere on your hard drive. Then rename the file extension from “.txt” to “.bat”. Now just set Task Scheduler to run it after the Download Zone and it will put your PC in hibernation mode instead of shutting down.

Note: If you do not see file extensions, you must open up any folder, then press the “Alt” key. Second, click “Tools'” and “Folder Options.” Finally, click the “View” tab and uncheck the box next to “Hide extensions for known file types.”

8. Gaming

This is by far the most depressing part of this guide so be warned. You cannot and will not ever be able to really enjoy online gaming over satellite internet. Console games, like the ones on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, will almost always immediately kick you out for high ping, if they let you join at all.

Any kind of fast paced game like shooters, racing games, or even World of Warcraft are never playable. Any game that requires frequent real-time interaction with the other players just doesn't work.

But that's not to say there are not still a few options. Here are a few games I have managed to enjoy over HughesNet…

A strangely addictive MMO Golf game. It does have the occasional disconnect during games but still very enjoyable.

Wizard 101
It’s certainly no WoW, and it is aimed at kids. But its turn based combat makes this very playable despite some lag and occasional disconnects.

Shin Megami Tensei Imagine
This one’s playability is a little more questionable. I have managed to make a fair bit of progress in it, but the lag is pretty severe. With very delayed reactions in combat and when navigating menus I’ll say this one is playable but just barely.

Another way to get your social gaming fix, is most all browser based games like Travian or Advance Wars By Web. They work perfectly as long as there is no real-time interaction with other players.

Although using Xbox Live to play games online does not work with HughesNet, purchasing games from the Market Place does if your willing to sacrifice a Z or two.

Note: It is not always consistent. But it has been my experience that the Marketplace can only be accessed with Turbo Page Disabled but then when you try to download something it still usually does not work.

The best way to do it, is to add content to you 360’s download queue from the browser based marketplace. But, unfortunately, most games are too large to be downloaded during the day. And, to my knowledge, the Xbox 360 has no way of scheduling downloads, so you have to stay up until the unlimited download zone to start the downloads. But be carful because if something does not finish before the download zone ends it will continue to download and use up your daily limit very quickly.

Fortunately on the Sony side of the fence, the PlayStation store for the most part works as it should. Except occasionally a download will hang, and to get it started again you have to stop the download and restart your PS3 then start the download back up. It also seems like whether or not turbo page should be enabled changes from one day to the next. You just have to experiment.

9. Other Noteworthy Tips

Sometimes during the Download Zone, HughesNet will go down anywhere from a few seconds up to an hour when the modem’s firmware is updating. There is nothing you can do about it. But it is a good idea to set a high limit on how many times your download manager of choice tries to restart a download before moving on to the next in its queue.

It is also a good idea to go through your programs like Antivirus and windows updater and schedule their updates for the Download Zone. Also disable any auto updates in programs like Adobe Reader.

If you load a lot of flash content like games and videos, right click on one of them them and go to “Settings,” then click the folder icon and move the slider to “Unlimited.” This way flash content is stored on your Hard Drive so it does not have to keep reloading and using your precious daily megabyte allowance.


Every once in awhile your HughesNet modem will freak-out! Such as while typing this very document my internet is going off and on in intervals of about 15 seconds. When things like this happen just unplug the power to the modem for about 30 seconds then plug it back in and wait about 2 minutes for it to reconnect and all is usually well again.

Going over your download limit sucks, a lot! A few good tools to help monitor and control your bandwidth usage are Net Limiter and Network Meter.

If a web page is not loading, you can check if the problem is on your end here "Down for Every One or Just Me"

As they will all be used fairly often it is a good idea to bookmark the following…
HughesNet System Control Center
HughesNet Service Tools 
Customer Care Tools (Especially usage page)

If you have any other helpful tips for surviving the horrors of Satellite Internet, feel free to leave a comment or email me directly with the “Contact” link at the top of the page.


New Zelda Skyward Sword Gameplay Trailer

Source: Destructoid

Mario 3DS Announced

Today during Nintendo's GDC keynote Satoru Iwata announced a new Mario title is in the works for the 3DS. I think the only surprise here is that it took this long to announce it.

No date or gameplay information was given. But he did say that while the logo may not be the final version the tail would be explained. I think return of the raccoon suite would be a safe bet though.

Mario 1

Mario 2

Magicka Vietnam Add-on

The already awesome action RPG Magicka is getting a Vietnam themed add-on.

Wizards in Vietnam! Need anything else be said?


Catherine learning English!

A few days ago Atlus PR said that Catherine was to remain a Japanese exclusive… THEY LIED!

Atlus has now confirmed that this magnificently bizarre game will be released on Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime in summer 2011.


Serious Sam III Finally!

serious-sam-cover-art I have played video games my entire life, but it was not until the early 2000’s that I really started doing it as more than a casual pass time. It was around then that I got my first 3d capable PC. There were four games that I spent unholy amounts of time playing. They were Morrowind, Half-Life, Delta Force, and lastly Serious Sam.

I was in Wal-mart burning time in the games section, waiting while my family shopped when I happened upon it. Only $10 at the time it was one of the cheapest PC games I had ever seen.

It had no complexity, no coherent story, not a second of it ever taken seriously. Just a lot of really big guns, goofy one-liners, and the largest horde of bad guys I had ever seen! It was love at first play. Since then it is the only one of those four games that I have kept installed on every Pc that I have ever owned. And I have enjoyed all its sequels even Serious Sam Advance.

I say all this to make the point, I am borderline giddy about the latest post on Croteam.com.

“Just a quick note to let all Serious Sam fans know that Serious Sam 3: BFE is coming this summer 2011. Official annoncement will be released soon.”

Catherine not Japanese Exclusive after all?

On 02/03/09, in one of my final post on my former blog Nintentoad.com I said…

“I am a little ashamed to say it, and also slightly afraid of one of the many crazed Atlus fans out there finding me. But with the exception of Trauma Center I am not a huge fan of most Atlus games.”

Now almost exactly 2 years later as I type this Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey sits in my DS with Radiant Historia next to it. Persona 4 is sitting in my PS2; I have a shortcut to Shin Megami Tensei Imagine sitting behind the window I am typing this in. Several copies of Digital Devil Saga are on my eBay Watch List. Even Maken X is near my Dreamcast!

When I typed that 2 years ago, I had no idea that I would be one of those crazed fans in need of a time machine so that I may kick some since into myself. Needles to say I have been very much looking forward to Atlus latest release Catherine.

When Atlus told Beefjack.com that there were no plans for a US release much sadness ensued. But now it appears that there is a bit of hope. A listing on Gamestop.com was found (and promptly removed) stating a 7/26/11 US release date. And to make matters even more interesting Beefjack.com is saying “A source has also told us that Atlus is planning an official announcement tomorrow.” Cross fingers and toes now! (WARNING: Toadink holds no responsibility for cramping toes and fingers from prolonged crossing)


Norimono Oukoku DS: You! Unten Shichai na You! Review

norimono-oukoku-ds-you-unten-shichai-na-youI don’t speak, read, or know a single word of Japanese beyond "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto." But, unfortunately, there are many, many, and sadly yet another many, great games that are never released outside of Japan (Mother 3 I’m thinking of you).

Fortunately for us, some games don’t need any Moon language skills to be enjoyed. One such title is Norimono Oukoku DS: You Unten Shichainayo.

First, I will say that for a DS game Norimono Oukoku DS is very impressive from technical standpoint; with a large open 3D city filled with traffic, an excellent draw distance, and a silky smooth frame rate. For what seems to be a budget title this one is very impressive. But it does still have its limitations. For one, the other vehicles are very bland and blocky and there is a lot of texture pop-in as they get closer. The city is also lacking in detail. There are very few unique landmarks to make any one road look different from another.

If you have ever stolen an emergency vehicle such as an Ambulance or a Police car in the Grand Theft Auto series you will have a pretty good idea what you’re in for. At the start of the game only the Ambulance is available. You must drive around until you get a radio call which you then answer on the touch screen. You then have to reach the destination indicated on the mini map and deliver the injured person back to the hospital in the time limit. Ok, yeah, it’s basically Crazy Taxi, but what sets this game apart is that as you progress through the game you unlock new types of vehicles, each with its own gameplay and handling.

The controls are another thing that sets Norimono Oukoku DS apart from other driving games. Each vehicle has its own dash board on the touch screen, with a steering wheel and other controls unique to each vehicle. Like sirens, opening the back hatch of the ambulance, or a loudspeaker for pulling over criminals. But the touch controls do come with some good and some bad. The good is that they are very responsive and precise. The bad is that it is very easy to lose control because you were looking at the top screen and didn't have your stylus on the wheel.

The language barrier is fairly miner. While getting through the menus can be a little confusing at first, once you’re in the game there is very little text. But, unfortunately, at the moment there are no English Translation FAQs online, so if you do run into a problem you are on your own.

Over all, if you’re an English only speaker this game will have a few frustrations but it also has a ton of gameplay variety and is a very unique experience (at least for the DS). If you track down a copy I seriously doubt you will be disappointed.


PC Versus Console Flamers Hug & Makeup

Since the beginning of playing video games at home; there has been a never ending argument amongst geeks. It goes something like this… “PCs are the best!” “Nu-uh consoles are so obviously better!” “You’re stupid!” “Nu-uh you’re obviously the stupid one!” When this started back in the late 80’s and early 90’s there was an easy answer. While the console had some of what are still my favorite games today. This argument has always been less about the software and more about the hardware. While on the consoles they were still just jumping from right to left. On the PC side of the war they were already playing in 3D, with online multiplayer.

However over the past couple of console generations things have changed. The things that once set the console gamers apart from the PC gamers are for the most part no longer relevant. The big four being, price, power, internet and of course the controls.

One of the biggest differences was always the price. Once upon a time, the price difference between a console and a capable gaming PC was thousands of dollars. While the PC had undeniably superior hardware, there was always that question. Do I really love video games so much that I will spend over a $1000 for the hardware to play them? Only to have it outdated in a few short years. And then of course it also required a good bit of technical know how to set them up. But things are different now. You can get a very decent gaming rig for not a lot more than it cost to buy a console. And it’s a piece of cake getting the games up and running.

Then there's the power. On consoles we were still getting to the next level, or playing for the high score. While at the same time the, PC guys were exploring big expansive worlds in games like Ultima. In the early 90’s PC’s already had games that are gameplay wise, very comparable to the games of today; while consoles were still little more than arcade games. But again things have changed.

Yes a good gaming PC still has better graphics than even the most powerful of consoles. But it’s not the same leap in tech that it used to be. Purely from a graphical standpoint, are you really getting a totally different experience when playing Oblivion on the PC vs. the Xbox360? Sure it’s running at a higher resolution, and has a bit of a larger draw distance, plus a handful of other goodies on the PC. It’s nice, but how much is that really changing the experience? And on the console version you can play from your couch on a big screen TV.

The PC snobs have always put down the console controllers. And at one time they had a right to do so. There was nothing a console controller could do, that a Mouse and Keyboard could not do better. But nowadays, although the PC elitist don't want to hear it, the console controllers have reached the point that there are some genres that those little sticks can do better than the mighty mouse and keyboard. For example driving a vehicle or maneuvering an overweight plumber; although both are doable on the PC. Without extra peripherals the keyboards digital controls just don’t have that precision of an analog stick. But on the other hand a fast paced first person shooter is infinitely more enjoyable with a mouse. And complex strategy games are nearly unplayable with anything other than a M&K combo.

Then of course there is the internet. Up until only the past few years it was the PC’s unmatched ace in the hole. Yes technically the Xbox, PS2 and even the Dreamcast had online games. But nothing nearly as big and complex as what PC gamers have been enjoying for more than two decades. It wasn't really until the Xbox 360 came out in 2005 that online console gaming finally started to catch up to the PC. But now it has even in some ways surpassed the PC. While computers have their huge MMOs, populated with hundreds of players, Xbox Live offers an easy way to quickly and easily connect to all of your friends. With a service that universally works across all games for the system. While on the PC your friends lists and whatnot are spread out separately across countless games and accounts. For the first time ever the PC is actually starting to try and mimic consoles with services like Steam and Games for Windows Live.

To me console or PC is no longer a relevant question. If you are playing something like Supreme Commander or Dragon Age Origins the PC is the clear winner. On the other hand with something like Uncharted you just can’t beat the precision of those analog sticks, or the ease of hopping into a Multiplayer GTA IV game with your friends on Xbox Live. Not to mention the speed and simplicity of booting up a console game from your couch. And then there are some games like Batman: Arkham Asylum that works just as well on both. It just comes down to personal preference.

I don’t really have a preference of one over the other. I own all of the current gen consoles, as well as a gaming PC. And they all get used pretty equally (A LOT!). It just depends on what kind of games I am playing at the time. With Arkham Asylum I got the PC version for the better graphics but ultimately ended up playing it with a 360 controller. Not that the M&K don’t work fine for it. I just liked the feel of combat with the controller better. And now that I am starting to feel the urge to replay it, I would just assume do so from my couch. But then again, the first time I played through BioShock was on the Xbox 360 and I was unimpressed to the point, that by the end playing it felt like a chore. Then a while later on a whim I decided to try the PC version. It was a night and day difference. It went from completely average shooter to one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. Though it is still the same game, the little things like smoother frame rate, better graphics and more precise controls were enough to completely change the experience I had with it.

I leave you with this question. Do you truly not wish to have both a Console(s) and a kick butt gaming PC?


Uber Awesome NES Screensaver

Coolest screensaver ever! That is really all that needs to be said. But I fill the urge to brag on it some more. Basically it is a NES emulator. You tell it where your ROMs folder is (legally acquired of course). Then you can download gameplay sessions made by other players for it. Or create your own using the UberNES Emulator. Then it shows a wall of the games in action. The number of games it can show at once is only limited by the size of your monitor. It supports multiple displays, and has tons of options to customize it to your liking. It can play either the videos of the games in action, or the attract mode that most NES games have.

But wait there’s more (sorry, had to say it)! It also lets you take control of any of the games at any time. And start playing from the exact point that the game was showing. So far I have not found any game that does not work with it. You can download it here… http://www.ubernes.com/nesscreensaver.html

Video Not Made By Me

If you have any interest in playing NES games I also highly recommend their UberNES Emulator. It does way more than the typical Emu. It has online leader boards plus numerous other online community features. And it also organizes and gives you easy access to your ROMs collection. UberNES Download Page


New Super Mario Bros. Wii Argument

Over the past few weeks, ign.com has really been giving Nintendo a mostly well deserved hard time. I mostly agree with there articles, such as “Nintendo is Lazy and You Don't Care”. But they do all have one thing in common, that I very much disagree with. Which is that New Super Mario Bros. Wii was cheap and lazy. And now they post the article “Blinded by Mario”.

They are certainly entitled to there opinion. But that article is pretty much just saying the same thing that reviews and forums have been saying since it’s release. That it is nothing more than a moderately amusing, but otherwise cheap rehash of past Mario games .

Well I protest! I completely agree that Nintendo has become a sad shadow of there former selves. But I also think that New Super Mario Bros Wii. (hence forth referred to as NSMBW) is awesome.

In that article, the main point that he was trying to make, was that Splosion Man is a better purchase than NSMBW. Splosion Man while not a bad game, in my opinion is nowhere near NSMBWs level.

As so many people point at the graphics in NSMBW as being bad, I will start there. Yes it looks just like the DS version but it doesn't matter. This kind of game is not about graphics. Why compare it to modern console games. That is not what it is about at all. It is suppose to be an awesome tribute to past Nintendo greatness. Like Super Mario Bros. 3 & Super Mario World. I see nothing but praise for games like Mega Man 9. And yet graphically it is nearly indistinguishable from its NES predecessors. Yes Splosion Man was more High-tech and in HD. But when compared to the bright and beautifully designed levels of NSMBW does it really look better? Sure Splosion Man himself looks pretty good in 3D. But the levels, for the most part are fairly plain and not that interesting to look at. While NSMBW has some of the most visually appealing levels I have seen in a 2D platformer in a long time.

View Full Resolution View Full Resolution

View Full Resolution View Full Resolution Which brings me to the next big point. It has been said, NSMBW should be priced more like Splosion Mans $10. Rather than the full retail $50 that it is. But Splosion Man, despite it’s 3D Graphics is still a simpler game. It feels like large portions of the game are built reusing a lot of the same set pieces. Not to say that the levels aren't cleverly designed in Splosion Man because they are. But NSMBW has much more complex and varied levels. Each one perfectly crafted with that Nintendo magic that I wasn't sure we would ever see again. To me that is worth the extra cash.

As for the common complaint that I see so often online. That this is a big step backwards from more recent Mario games like Super Mario Galaxy. THIS IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE A SUPER MARIO GALAXY SEQUEL. NSMBW is not trying to be the next big game in the Mario franchise. It is a small awesome old school platformer. That was purposely kept simple. So that it would have a shorter development period, to appease the fans while we wait for Super Mario Galaxy 2. And it achieved it’s goal beautifully.

As great as NSMBW is. There is one point that is crazy. Where the heck is online play? Why did Nintendo go to such lengths to create such a good multiplayer experience, only to gimp it? Sadly that is the Nintendo of today in a nutshell. They still have some of the best game designers in the world. But they completely ignore crucial parts of the modern gaming industry, for reasons that are anyone's guess. An old fashioned 2D Mario platformer, is still some of the best fun you can find on a console. But it would be so much better online.

And yes I said the multiplayer is great! Certainly the games is more difficult with more players, but I love that. I am always hearing complaints that modern games are to easy. But when a really challenging game comes out everybody still complains. I love the frustration and chaos of the co-op experience. Screaming at other players when they got the hole team killed for the 4th time in row is great fun. There was almost never a quiet moment in this game. And that is how multiplayer games should be.


The Return of Nintoad

Once upon a time in the year 2007 for no apparent reason at all I decided I wanted to be a blogger, so I started Nintentoad.com. However Due to the fact that I live in the exact center of the middle of nowhere, I was at the time still on a 56k Dialup connection.

Turns out keeping a blog about Nintendo and general geekiness on a Dialup connection was a very slow and tedious process. Often times taking 3 to 4 hours just to get up a single post. But due to my abundance of free time I slowly (very slowly) kept at it.

My post over time becoming fewer and farer between finally came to a dead stop in March 2009. The reasons I stopped were many but I am explaining them any way so shut up and read.

The main reason for my quitting besides the dialup was primarily Nintendo. Put simply they went from being the meaning of life to having an extreme suckieness factor in a very short time. And that made it kind of difficult to be enthusiastic about writing a blog mostly all about them. Don’t get me wrong I am still looking forward to games like the next Zelda or Super Mario Galaxy 2, but as a 22 year gamer I am just not among there target audience anymore.

Another reason I quit was because for domain hosting Yahoo is bottomless pit of uncool. It seems like almost every other day my site was down, due to my domain name once again jumping down that pit and taking the rest of my blog with it. Until finally one day it would not even let me sign in to my Yahoo account no warning or anything. They apparently raised their prices and needed some sort of conformation before renewing the domain name, but I did not find this out until it was to late. And to add to it there new asking price for renewal was ridiculous compared to other host. I was never able to get this resolved so Nintentoad.com is gone however it can still be found Here.

Since then a few things have changed. The main thing being that I am no longer on dialup. Much to my dismay I am still way outside of DSLs reach I have however switched to a satellite broadband connection. Although it is still slow when compared to other broadband connections like DSL or cable I can at least watch a game trailer or browse the net without waiting hours for it to load. Unfortunately because of the excessive lag caused by its signal going to outer space and back, online gaming is still devastatingly out of the question.

The other thing that has changed is I have finally removed my +10 UBER Nintendo fanboy goggles of do no wrongyness that were blinding me to there recent (read as day the Wii was born) fall from grace.

Upon the removal of those goggles I built a decent gaming PC and even a few weeks ago purchased a PS3. And so with a broader scope of gaming experience a new domain/Host, a acceptable internet connection, and still a ton of free time, I hope to have a less frustrating blogging experience this time.

My main goals for this blog are to post about gaming, tech, TV and any other geek related topic that I think of. I also spend a lot of time playing older games especially now that I am playing catch-up with the PS3’s game library. And I play a lot of obscure and less known games on the PC so my intent is to review some of these games and compare how well they stand the test of time.